De weg naar Paradiso
Programmeurs Ben Kamsma en Jan Willem Sligting en enkele boekers schijnen hun licht op de route van repetitiehok tot grote zaal.
My Rules
What do DJ Armin van Buuren, Roskilde Festivals CEO Henrik Rasmussen, Fargo Records founder Michel Pampelune, Grammy Award winner Darcy Proper, Radio FM4’s Kristian Davidek and MTV Europe Music Award winner Jérémie Rozan have in common?
Show Me The Money
Making great music is great, but does it pay the rent? Not very often, unfortunately… BUT, there are alternative ways of earning money through your music. Why yes there are!
Working the Network Event
Almost every country has its own networking event and showcase festival, some small, some big. To get the most out of your showcase gig, choose wisely which festival you want to play. To help you make a choice we’ve compared different showcase festivals for you, from very small to VERY big. Including contributions by SXSW, NXNE, MIDEM, Europavox and more!
Touring Europe
The Ramones said it best, "Touring, touring is never boring!" Travelling Europe from one venue to another is different for each band. Fifty bands were surveyed to hear their pros and cons of each country in the European Union. All these bands unselfishly gave their advice, so that you can prepare your tour in the best way possible.
The Perfect Merchandise Stand
Suppose you�re planning a 3-week European tour. You're planning to play about 20 shows to about 250 head a night. What do you need to stock the perfect merchandise stand?
Do-It-Yourself: Your own label
Can't find a record company to release your CDs? Start your own label! It's really not that hard, just follow these simple DIY tips & tricks. And if you�re too lazy to start your own label, you can read all about the pros and cons of signing to a major record company.
Do-It-Yourself: Promo
To promote their acts major record companies invest a lot of money and time; two things you probably don't have. Which makes it seem impossible to compete with the biggest bands on earth. But promoting your band is not about having a team of marketers booking commercials on national TV. Fortunately theres plenty you can do yourself.
A simple guide to setting up your first European tour. The 'How tos' of touring Europe. Just take our hand and we'll lead the way!
As Simple As ABC
Expand your knowledge of the music industry and read this alphabet of the most commonly used terminology. The list is far from complete, but if you memorize it, it will give you just enough of a vocabulary to at least make you sound like a European music business professional.
Do-It-Yourself Management
According To Danko Jones
Good management is key to a band's survival. Do It Yourself management according to Danko Jones bass player JC.
Building a Fan Base
Without fandom there would be no stardom. You need people who like your music enough to be willing to spend their hard-earned cash on you, but where do you find these angels?
Dan doe je het toch gewoon zelf
Je wilt een label beginnen, of je kent een paar leuke bands die je graag aan optredens zou helpen, maar je hebt geen idee waar te beginnen. De beste doe-het-zelf-tips van muziekprofessionals
Je bent je hele leven al gek van muziek. Je gata graag naar concerten, je bent sociaal, je weet van aanpakken en je hebt aardig wat commercieel inzicht. Je bent kortom geknipt voor een baan in de muziekindustrie.
Banen in de muziekindustrie
Stel je bent op zoek naar een nieuwe baan en je houdt heel erg veel van muziek. Zou toch mooi zijn als je die twee dingen kon combineren. Wij selecteerden de meest gewilde banen in de muziekindustrie.