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Could you please review my band’s new CD?

No, we’re sorry but we don’t write reviews. As a matter of fact, we don’t write about music at all. There are already plenty of other websites out there with reviews, we just stick to writing about the music industry. So please don’t send us promo copies of your CD or requests to write about your upcoming tour!


I don’t speak Dutch, so stop bothering me with your unpronounceable scribbling!

Luckily, we thought of that! For all you non-Dutch people, on the right side of the site there’s a link ‘show English feature articles only’. If you click it, all the Dutch stuff disappears.


I found an article I’d like to read. How do I get it?

Well, that’s easy. If you click on the article, you see the intro of the article. On the right bottom side you see a link ‘Receive the full article’. Click it.

A box appears in which you fill in your email address. If it’s the first article you requested, you need to fill in a verification code, which is send to your email address. Once you’ve confirmed, the article will be send to you in PDF format. Want more feature articles? Just fill in your email address. The newest additions will be send to you.


I just want the feature articles on the site, I don’t want to receive the new articles. Is that possible?

You don’t know what you’ll be missing! But, of course you can unsubscribe from the mailing service. Just go to “Unsubscribe” in the menu at the top of the page and fill in you email address and you got rid of us!


I'm still waiting for my verification code. Why the hell is it taking so long?!?

Most of the time you'll receive the verification code in mere seconds. So to be sure, check your spam first, it might have gotten lost in there. Also, make sure you filled in the right email address. But sometimes, for some reason it doesn't arrive at all. It can take up to fifteen minutes or half an hour before the code arrives in your inbox.

It's a minor hiccup, we're working on it, so please bear with us...


I ordered an article, but I haven’t received it in my inbox. What went wrong?

This is not supposed to happen… Well, your inbox could have had a mix up and send the email to your spam, so check that first. If that isn’t the case, just try ordering it again. If it still doesn’t work it could be that your provider and/or browser has a very strong spam filter. Try ordering it with your hotmail or gmail account. These seem to be working fine. Still having trouble? Please contact us at: readingrocks@rocknrollhighschool.nl  and we’ll try to fix it!